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Project Description
The Php4VS is a Package for Visual studio which aims to do the same thing as some others do, but with one difference : for FREE !

Currently, there are not many things available, but, it will come. Then please, be patient. However, you may find basic colorization for php files, and basic project and file templates. Remember, the aim is not to do the same thing as Phallanger. It is only to help php developpers in having a true IDE to deal with their files.

I need some help with Intellisense implementation. If someone could help me, I would be very greatful.

The package only work with VS2008.

Project not developed anymore

Thanks for supporting me in this project. However, I have been told that Visual Studio 2010 would support PHP natively, so I will not make it evolve anymore.

Thank you for having tried this product and all your feedback.

If you want the support of PHP under Visual Studio 2008, I recommend VS.PHP
You may also try PHP Tools for Visual Studio which is free

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